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Consulation Supplies has invested in the supply of a new range of products, that optimises the highest European Quality Material in providing Transformer Insulation and Customised Components to OEM’s for both Power and Distribution Transformer manufacturing and assembly.


HD and LD Transformer Board

High Quality, Precompressed board with excellent electrical and mechanical properties.

Transformer Board Strips

We offer standard and customised sizes and types of Transformer Strips, locally converted using European Quality Materials.

Transformer Board Clacks Spacers

We offer both the Dovetail and T-strip clack spacers in various sizes, tailor-made to requested requirements.

HV Insulation Cylinders

Used to support the windings in Power Transformers, Cylinders can be supplied in specified sizes - open or glued.

End Clamping Rings

Manufactured with oard, the end rings are able to withstand axial and radial forces in transformers

Shield Rings

Shield rings enable the distribution of the electrical field gradient over both the top and bottom ends of power transformers

Tailor Made Press Rings

We offer tailor made press rings that apply pressure on the windings of transformers

Shield End Rings

In order to smooth the electrial field at the ends of spiral winding we offer the highest quailty Shield End Rings

Insulation Kits

To reduce the asssembly costs in Power Transformers, we offer various forms of Insulation Kits

Caps and Angle Rings

Consulation offers various diameters of Caps and Rings to Customer Specifications

Flange Tubes

Manufactured in the form of wet moulding, we offer customised solutions to insulate the lead out of the windings

Edge Protection

Used in-between & over Windings, produced from either wet material or High Quality Transformer Board